Next Meeting

The next meeting is Feb.23, 2016 at 12:00 noon at the Lucky’s Cafe.

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9 Responses to Next Meeting

  1. Jo Leftwich says:

    We have pictures of the Boots And Shoes store in Hurdland, owned by Clarence Surry’s grandfather. We have not found any living relatives to give these pictures to. If interested, please contact Jo or Marie at Thank you!

  2. Marie Larson says:

    I have a picture of my great grandfather as a teenager with a bunch of other young men all dressed up for an official portrait of some sort. He lived in Knox City but I can’t guarantee that was where the portrait was taken. Most likely it was taken somewhere between 1898 to 1900 or so…I’m wondering if there is anyone I could send a copy to in order to see if anyone dealing with local history would know what it was about…I would imagine there are other copies floating around…

  3. Marie Larson says:

    John, I finally got the picture emailed yesterday…hopefully you got it and could read it. Thank you for your kind offer…we’ll see if anyone recognizes anyone and knows what it is about. I emailed a little bit of explanation with the picture.

  4. Rob Mizner says:

    In 1919, the state of Missouri appropriated money to erect World War I memorials in each county. I located the mult-war Knox County Veterans Memorial. Can the Historical Society provide details on the location of the WWI monument in Knox County.

    Web site has initiated a motorcycle ride program where the rider tries to visit as many WWI statues as possible by October 31. My goal is to visit a WWI monument in every county of Missouri.

  5. Christy says:

    Are there any old photos of the old hotel on Lafayette Street from its “glory” days available?
    Also, have there (or are there) any plans to try and restore some of the eye sores downtown? Please email answer so I don’t miss it!

    • Christy

      We have a picture of the hotel but our copy is not good enough to send. I will try to get it done next week.

      Not much is being done to restore the old buildings in Edina. The TJ Lycan building was supposed to be used for a business but nothing has happened.

      Best Regards

      John Webb

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